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Closed to Accrual: CRC9

Closed to Accrual CCTG CRC.9 trial (NRG-GI005) (NCT04068103)
The CCTG CRC.9 trial (NRG-GI005) (NCT04068103) Phase II/III Study of Circulating tumour DNA as a Predictive BiomarRker in Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Stage IIA Colon Cancer has closed to accrual. After a recent interim analysis it was determined that the trial should halt recruitment. 
This phase II/III trial studied how well circulating tumor deoxyribonucleic acid (ctDNA) testing in the blood works in predicting treatment for patients with stage IIA colon cancer after surgery. ctDNA are circulating tumor cells that are shed by tumors into the blood. Finding ctDNA in the blood means that there is very likely some small amounts of cancer that remain after surgery. However, this cancer, if detected, cannot be found on other tests usually used to find cancer, as it is too small. Testing for ctDNA levels may help identify patients with colon cancer after surgery who do benefit, and those who do not benefit, from receiving chemotherapy.
For more information please visit the CCTG CRC9 trial page.