Partnerships: Industry & Academic

Engaging Industry and Academic Partners

CCTG is know for cancer clinical trial research and is the world's largest cooperative collaborative oncology group. Our success is realized through our network of investigators who develop scientifically important and meaningful trials, conducted both rapidly and to rigorous standards. With over 40 years of experience there is no network that rivals the depth and breadth of operations with a global reputation for rapid execution of quality clinical trials.


National and international collaboration

Industry partnerships

While CCTG trials are independently conducted, analyzed and reported. Pharmaceutical or academic drug manufacturers provide CCTG access to their investigational new drugs because they recognize the high quality research being conducted through the group.

The Innovative Cancer Treatments of Tomorrow are Born Through Collaboration

​Annette Hay, Senior Investigator and Co-PI of ExCELLirate Canada, the CCTG-co-Led national platform for exploring the promising applications of cell therapy research across a wide variety of cancers and other illnesses was recently featured as a signature initiative at Queen’s University.

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Successful $30 million Canadian Cancer Society grant renewal for the Canadian Cancer Trials Group

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has renewed its support of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG) with a five-year 30-million-dollar commitment to the national research network. The grant renewal represents a continuation of CCS’s largest research investment, which began in 1980 when they helped create the Canadian academic research group. "CCS is proud to continue to provide core funding for CCTG, and we’re incredibly grateful to our donors who make this support possible," says Dr. Stuart Edmonds, Executive Vice President of Mission, Research & Advocacy at CCS. "With an international reputation for running Canada’s most impactful cancer clinical trials, CCTG’s work benefits not just people with cancer in Canada but around the world." The grant renewal involves a rigorous review process that includes a comprehensive grant submission and site visit with external reviewers looking at all aspects of the Group’s work and impact on clinical trials research. The grant will support CCTG strategic objectives, and the development and conduct of trials.

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The CCTG CO29 trial, chaired in Canada by Dr. Jonathan Loree at BC Cancer

Funding announced for clinical trial that aims to improve the outcomes for patients with colorectal cancer after surgery

The CCTG CO29 trial, chaired in Canada by Dr. Jonathan Loree at BC Cancer, has been awarded $1,426,724 from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Spring Project Competition.

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Britton Smith Foundation Clinical Trials Fund

Donation helps advance research

The establishment of the Britton Smith Foundation Clinical Trials Fund.  A thank you from Doug Kane, senior manager, Canadian Cancer Society FLA & The Waterways Community Office.

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