NCI introduces Identity Proofing and Multi-Factor Authentication identity verification system to access CTEP CTSU websites identity verification system to access CTEP CTSU websites

Francais: Note de septembre 2022

To ensure the security and safety of National Cancer Institute (NCI) systems, subjects, research staff, and all associated sensitive information, NCI introduced Identity Proofing (IP) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in accordance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) in July of this year. This is applicable to all accessing the systems, including Canadians.

The MFA and IP process use, an identity verification system to access to the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (CTEP) and the Cancer Trails Support Unit (CTSU) websites. Existing users will be required to complete this process by July 2023 for continued access to these systems. New users will need to complete the process right away.

On the CTSU homepage there is a link to the website, where you will be asked to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a new account by providing email and password
  2. Choose an MFA option using either an authenticator app, or through 'text message or phone call'
  3. Enter the code received by either phone, text, or through the app
  4. Select the “I don’t live in the United States” link, where you will be prompted to upload your Canadian passport as a primary document, and a driver’s license as a secondary document. For Canadian users a SIN number is NOT required 
  5. Attend a brief video conference with a Trusted Referee using Zoom to verify your identity
  6. Link your account to your CTEP-IAM account to finalize the MFA process.

Once your IP and MFA have been set up and linked with CTEP-IAM, you will be required to use your username and password to access NCI systems moving forward. CTEP-IAM credentials will no longer work once the account is activated.

This new process is being created in accordance with federally mandated regulations, and the information for account set up is being provided on a federally approved and secured site. CCTG will continue to provide update to the MFA and IP process, as new messages from NCI US become available.

For additional information on the IP and MFA processes, please see the June CTSU Newsletter or the CTEP website.