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Welcome to Patient Representative Carol Hill

Welcome to Patient Representative Deb Clark

CCTG is happy to welcome Carol Hill who will be supporting the IND program as a Patient Representative. 

Carol Hill is a retired educator who lives in Ottawa and who was diagnosed with ER+ breast cancer in 2014. In August 2015 she was also diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Carol was very fortunate to be a candidate for a drug trial in 2016 and subsequently participated in two additional clinical trials. All of these trials were Phase 1 or 2 trials which gives Carol a unique patient perspective and she is keen to explore new drug opportunities as a way to extend the length and quality of life for patients, especially for hard to treat and rare cancers. She continues to receive leading-edge treatment and is doing very well.

“My cancer journey may have ended in 2016 if it were not for the opportunity I had to join a clinical trial. Clinical trials offer opportunities for cancer patients to extend or improve their quality of life, and to support research that could benefit future patients.” - Carol Hill