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Welcome to Patient Representative Deb Clark

Supporting the Gynecologic Disease Site Committee
Welcome to Patient Representative Deb Clark - Gynecologic Disease site committee

The CCTG Patient Representative Committee is pleased to welcome Deb Clark who will support the Gynecologic Disease site committee. Deb lives in Regina and her journey began when her mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, now a 26-year cancer survivor. Deb supported her mom as her caregiver through three additional, primary cancers and was her husband’s caregiver when he had oral cancer. 

“I think the patient/caregiver voice is critical. Lived experience is invaluable. A few years ago, a group of survivors attended a national research conference on ovarian cancer in Edmonton. Many researchers said it was the first time they had met women with ovarian cancer and realized how important it was to be reminded of the women who are fighting for their lives and are impacted by their research,” remembers Deb.

Her mother’s engagement in advocacy inspired Deb and she coordinated the annual Walk of Hope for Ovarian Cancer in Regina, participated in a local support group and has served on OCC’s Board of Directors for six years.

“Clinical trials are the way forward. It’s how we find out what works for prevention, detection and more effective, targeted treatment of cancer. Cancer patients who participate in clinical trials have access to new, emerging treatments, which will hopefully benefit them and help others who are either at risk of or are diagnosed with the same cancer.”