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Welcome to Patient Representative Michelle Audoin

Supporting the Breast Disease Site Committee
Welcome to Patient Representative Michelle Audoin

Please join the Patient Representative Committee in welcoming Michelle Audoin who will be supporting the Breast Disease Site committee.

Michelle is a mother of 2 and who has worked in elementary education. Her cancer advocacy journey started in 2017 after she was diagnosed with two primary cancers…de novo metastatic breast cancer and thyroid cancer. At the time, she was trying to make a decision about her reconstruction options, and quickly learned that Black women were not represented in the images of breast reconstruction. This led her to create Uncovered: A Breast Recognition Project, a resource that features breast cancer images and stories of Black, Indigenous, and women of colour. It was created in collaboration with Rethink Breast Cancer. The resource has been used as an education and teaching tool at the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Health, and at UHN. Michelle has shared it at events like World Cancer Congress in 2022, at BRA Day events, as well as local events supporting cancer awareness for the Black community.

Over the years, Michelle has shown an interest in learning more about the future of cancer care, with a keen interest in clinical trials. To support her learning, she attends local and international cancer conferences. She believes that the more you know, the more you can advocate for better. The knowledge and experiences she comes away with have helped her broaden her advocacy journey through volunteer roles at Ontario Institute for Cancer Research’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, 3CTN and Women’s College Hospital. She also serves as a patient partner on various cancer trials. As such, Michelle is excited to continue her learning and collaborations with CCTG as a member of the Breast Disease Site Committee.

"The research investments in cancer clinical trials and progressive treatment options I have seen in recent years give me hope for the future. Which is why it’s important for me to bring my voice to the development of cancer clinical trials. I want to support inclusive trial enrollment, thereby improving the generalizability of results for diverse communities," says Michelle.

Make sure to take a moment to welcome our newest Patient Representative.