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Welcome to Patient Representative Suzanne Wood

Patient Representative Suzanne Wood
CCTG would like to extend a warm welcome to Patient Representative Suzanne Wood who will be supporting the GI disease site committee. Suzanne is from Toronto and was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon cancer in July 2022. Since her diagnosis, she has received chemotherapy, radiation and had three major surgeries to remove tumours her colon, liver, and ovaries. Today Suzanne is focused on maintaining an excellent quality of life while waiting for the next major breakthrough that will extend her life and keep living like she is in remission.

“As an early age onset cancer patient, I know firsthand the significant impact a diagnosis has not only on patients, but also on young children, families, and employers. I want to bring my personal perspective to the development of cancer trials so that we can make treatments more accessible, affordable and promote a longer, good quality of life."

Please reach out to Suzanne to welcome her to the CCTG team.