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Welcoming new Patient Representative Haydn Bechthold

Welcoming new Patient Representative Haydn Bechthold

CCTG would like to welcome our new Patient Representative Haydn Bechthold who will be supporting the Gastrointestinal Disease Site Committee.

In 2021, at the age of 22, Haydn Bechthold received a stage 3C rectal cancer diagnosis, followed by the identification of Lynch syndrome. Having endured symptoms for over four years before his diagnosis, Haydn recognized the evident gaps in care for young adult cancer patients. This diagnosis abruptly halted his soccer career in Europe, yet it sparked a new passion for patient advocacy.

"Being diagnosed at a young age with a condition typically associated with older individuals gave me insight into the shortcomings in cancer care for young patients. Although many types of cancer are more common in older adults, the risk also affects younger people, leading to similarly devastating consequences. As a patient representative, my goal is to offer the viewpoint of a young adult diagnosed with cancer. I aim to contribute a more comprehensive patient outlook to clinical trials, ensuring a broader representation of public perspectives and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes."

Please feel free to reach out to Haydn and welcome him!