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Lesley Seymour, MD, FCP (SA), FRCP(C), PhD

CCTG IND Director & Deputy Director

Dr. Lesley Seymour is the CCTG IND Program Director and the group's Deputy Director, she is internationally recognized for her work in drug development and clinical trails methodology. Dr. Seymour completed her training in Internal Medicine, Clinical Haematology & Medical Oncology and went on to complete her PhD, focusing on correlative studies and breast cancer. She was the of Director of Medical Oncology at the Newfoundland Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation, then in 1996 she joined the Investigational New Drug Program at CCTG. She also holds the position of Professor and Medical Oncologist in the Department of Oncology at Queens University.

Areas of expertise: lung cancer, breast cancer, new drug development, methods in clinical cancer research cancer clinical trials, therapeutic drug development, methods in clinical cancer research

Research interests: cancer clinical trials, therapeutic drug development

Current trials:  All CCTG IND trials - search here

Selected publications:  

Lesley Seymour, Gwenael Le Teuff, Elisabeth Brambilla, Frances A. Shepherd, Jean-Charles Soria, Robert Kratzke, Stephen Graziano, Jean-Yves Douillard, Rafael Rosell, Anthony Reiman, Benjamin Lacas, Beranger Lueza, Sarit Aviel-Ronen, Anne McLeer, Thierry Le Chevalier, Robert Pirker, Martin Filipits, Ariane Dunant, Jean-Pierre Pignon, Ming-Sound Tsao. LACE-Bio: Validation of predictive and/or Prognostic Immunohistochemistry/Histochemistry-based Biomarkers in Resected Non-small-cell Lung Cancer. E-pub Oct. 2018. Clinical Lung Cancer; March 2019; 20(2):66-73.e6

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Saskia Litière, Gaëlle Isaac, Elisabeth GE De Vries, Jan Bogaerts, Alice Chen, Janet Dancey, Robert Ford, Stephen Gwyther, Otto Hoekstra, Erich Huang, Nancy Lin, Yan Liu, Sumithra Mandrekar, Lawrence H Schwartz, Lalitha Shankar, Patrick Therasse, Lesley Seymour, on behalf of the RECIST Working Group. RECIST1.1 criteria for response evaluation not only applies to chemotherapy treated patients but also to targeted cancer agents: a pooled database analysis. Journal of Clinical Oncology; May 2019; 37(13):1102-1110. Published online March 12, 2019. PMID: 30860949

Lesley Seymour, Susan Groshen, Gary L. Rosner, Daniel M. Sullivan, David R. Spriggs, Steven Reeves, Amy Gravell, S. Percy Ivy, Mark J. Ratain. Impact of the 2010 Consensus Recommendations of the Clinical Trial Design Task Force of the NCI Investigational Drug Steering Committee. Clinical Cancer Research 2015 November 15;21(22):5057-5063.

Vanessa Bernstein, Susan Ellard, Susan Dent, Dongsheng Tu, Mihaela Mates, Sukhbinder Dhesy-Thind, Lawrence Panasci, Karen Gelmon, Muhammad Salim, Xinni Song, Mark Clemons, Doran Ksienski, Shailendra Verma, Andrew Arnold, Christine Simmons, Hongbo Lui, Kim Chi,Harriet Feilotter, Linda Hagerman, Lesley Seymour. A randomized phase II study of weekly paclitaxel with or without pelareorep in patients with metastatic breast cancer: final analysis of Canadian Cancer Trials Group IND.213. E-pub October 2017. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, Jan 2018, v167(2):485-493

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