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Clinical trials are an important treatment option to consider if you or a loved one is dealing with cancer. This link: CCTG Clinical Trials is where you can find listings of clinical trials currently being conducted by Canadian Cancer Trials Group, including the locations across the country where the trial is being conducted.

In addition to trials being conducted by the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, several other clinical trials being conducted by other groups may also be available. A complete listing of clinical trials being conducted in Canada, including the locations where they are being conducted, can be found by visiting this website: Canadian Cancer Trials, and this database can be used to search for International Trials.

There are several other websites you can visit that can provide more information about clinical trials, about a specific type of cancer, and that offers resources for patients and their families. We encourage you to visit these sites. Here are some suggestions:

Infographics: explaining some of the more complex details of a clinical trial.

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It Starts With Me

Are you interested in learning about participating in a clinical trial?

This website is about clinical trials was developed by patients and caregivers who have participated in a clinical trial or have had a loved one participate in a clinical trial and by people who work in clinical trials and research. The website tells you everything you need to know about clinical trials, things to think about or ask before you decide to participate, your rights as a person who is volunteering in a clinical trial and has a glossary of terms for you. The site was created by the Network of Networks (N2) an organization that represents organizations that do clinical research and trials in Canada. We encourage you to visit this website to learn more about participating in clinical trials.