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CCTG EN10 study is tailoring therapy for post-surgical patients with low-risk endometrial cancer

A gynecological cancer clinical trial

EN10 (RAINBO BLUE & TAPER) is a new Canadian clinical trial that is applying state-of-the-art molecular testing to classify post-surgery treatments in early-stage endometrial cancer.

The purpose of this study is to identify people at low risk of cancer recurrence based on the molecular features of their tumours. These individuals may safely receive less radiotherapy or may require no radiotherapy or chemotherapy after surgery.

“By identifying these patients with these tests, we can spare them many of the side effects associated with commonly used treatments,” says Dr. Jessica McAlpine, study Co Chair and member of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Vancouver General Hospital and researcher at the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute. “This trial also demonstrates feasibility of testing and supports the implementation of molecular classification for all newly diagnosed endometrial cancer patients in Canada.”

Researchers are using a lab-based tool called molecular stratification to identify endometrial cancer patients who can be treated with less or no additional post-surgical therapy.

"This trial seeks to personalize post-surgical treatment for individual patients with low risk, early endometrial cancer, and the results will help define treatment options for this group of patients,” says Dr. Kathy Han, study Co Chair, associate professor, and radiation oncologist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

For more information please visit EN10 ǀ NCT05640999

Jessica Mcalpine EN10 Clinical Trial Co Chair
Dr Jessica Mcalpine EN10 Clinical Trial Co Chair
Dr Kathy Han EN10 Clinical Trial Co Chair
Dr Kathy Han EN10 Clinical Trial Co Chair