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Dongsheng Tu, BSc, PhD

Canadian Cancer Trials Group Senior Biostatistician

Dr. Tu is a Senior Biostatistician in the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG) and Professor of Biostatistics in both the Departments of Public Health Sciences, and Mathematics & Statistics. He came to Queen's in 1996 from the Therapeutic Products Directorate of Health Canada. His primary responsibilities are the design, management and analysis of the cancer clinical trials. He is also interested in the methodological research on the development and evaluation of statistical procedures for the design and analysis of cancer clinical trials and maintains an interest in the general mathematical theory of statistics.

Areas of expertise: Biostatistics, Statistical procedures for the design and analysis of trials

Research interests: Cancer clinical trials, Statistical methodological research

Current trials: CO21, CO26, CO28, HE1, PA7, CX5, OV25 and IND trials

Selected Publications:

Lv, Y., Qin, G., Zhu, Z., Tu, D. ‘Quantile Regression and Empirical Likelihood for The Analysis Longitudinal Data with Monotone Missing Responses Due to Dropout, with Applications to Quality Of Life Measurements from Clinical Trials’, Statistics in Medicine, 38 (2019), 2972–2991.

He, Y., Lin, H., Tu, D. ‘A Single-Index Threshold Cox Proportional Hazard Model for Identifying Treatment-Sensitive Subset Based on Multiple Biomarkers’, Statistics in Medicine, 37 (2018), 3267–3279

Zheng, X., Qin, G., Tu, D. ‘A Generalized Partially Linear Mean-Covariance Regression Model for Longitudinal Proportional Data, with Applications to the Analysis of Quality of Life Data from Cancer Clinical Trials’, Statistics in Medicine, 36 (2017), 1884–1894.

Jiang, S., Chen, B. E., Tu, D. “Inference on Treatment-covariate Interaction Based on a Nonparametric Measure of Treatment Effects and Censored Survival Data”, Statistics in Medicine, 35 (2016), 2715–2725.

Goss, P. E., Ingle, J. N., Pritchard, K. I., Robert, N. J., Muss, H., Gralow, J., Gelmon, K., Whelan, T., Strasser-Weippl, K., Rubin, S., Sturtz, K., Wolff, A. C., Winer, E., Hudis, C., Stopeck, A., Beck, J. T., Kaur, J. S., Whelan, K., Tu, D., Parulekar, W. R. “Extending Adjuvant Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy to Ten Years”, New England Journal of Medicine, 375 (2016), 209-219.


International Society for Quality of Life Research Outstanding Article of the Year Award (with Michael Brundage et al.), 2006

For a full list of publications please visit PubMed.