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Dr. Anthony J. Reiman, MD, FRCPC

CCTG Hematologic Disease Site Chair

Dr. Anthony J. Reiman, MD, FRCPC – CCTG Hematologic Disease Site Chair

As a practicing medical oncologist at Saint John Regional Hospital, Dr. Reiman's interest lies in involving patients in research to improve their care. This includes banking of biological specimens and clinical data for research, cancer biomarker studies, pre-clinical and clinical trials of new therapeutic approaches and collaborating with multidisciplinary researchers in areas such as supportive care, and health services and health outcomes. He has active research projects in the study of multiple myeloma, lymphoma and lung cancer.

“Clinical trials are huge collaborative effort. They are critical to improving cancer outcomes by systematically and rigourously evaluating the impact of innovative new therapies. The most promising new cancer treatments are first made available to participants in clinical trials. If these treatments prove their worth, then clinical trials form the evidence base to support bringing these new therapies into standard practice. The Canadian Cancer Trials Group plays a pivotal role in addressing research questions of importance to people with cancer, in Canada and around the world.”

Research Interests:

  • Myeloma
  • lung cancer
  • lymphoma
  • cancer clinical trials
  • translational cancer research
  • multidisciplinary supportive cancer care research


  • Current publications list at PubMed

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