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Janet Dancey, MD, FRCP(C)

Canadian Cancer Trials Group Director

Dr. Dancey is an international leader in cancer clinical trials of experimental therapeutics and has special expertise in new anti-cancer drug development. Her research interests involve linking drug and biomarker development, and associated clinical trials methodology, including development of novel trials for patients with rare tumours. As Director, she has advanced CCTG’s research strategy and expanded its portfolio dramatically. A prolific author with an excellent citation record, she is a sought-after speaker, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to her role at CCTG she is currently the Scientific Director of the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network which supports the conduct of academic sponsored clinical trials at cancer centres and hospitals across Canada.  She is a Professor in the Department of Oncology at Queen’s University and a fellow at the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

Dr. Dancey was previously Senior Clinical Investigator in the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program at the US National Cancer Institute and then Associate Chief of the Investigational Drug Branch. Prior to becoming Director of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group in 2014, she was the Director, Translational Research – Clinical at CCTG, Scientific Director of the High Impact Clinical Trials Program at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and Chair, Experimental Therapeutics and Translational Research Network, Cancer Care Ontario.

She received her MD from the University of Ottawa and completed her residency training in internal medicine and medical oncology at the University of Toronto. In 1994-95, she was a research fellow with the Canadian Cancer Trials Group and continued her fellowship training at the Institut Gustave Roussy in France.

Areas of expertise: experimental therapeutics, anti-cancer drug development, clinical trials methodology

Research interests: drug and biomarker development, novel trials in rare tumours

Current trials: CO27, I214, I224, I228, I235, I240, ME13, ME15, MEC5, PA7, PM1, SC8, SR6

Selected publications:

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For a full list of publications please visit PubMed.


  • Edith and Carla Eisenhauer Chair in Clinical Cancer Research
  • NIH Merit Award. Investigational Drug Steering Committee Implementation Team award for effectively implementing the NCI Clinical Trials Working Group initiative of enhancing the design and prioritization of early phase drug development trials
  • NIH Group Merit Award - PDQ Editorial Board
  • Murray Muirhead Award, Clinical Excellence, Wellesley Hospital
  • Hoffman LaRoche - National Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Group Research Fellowship Award
  • Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service “On-the- Spot Award” for Outstanding contributions to the NCI State of the Science Meeting “Integrating New Therapeutic Modalities into the Treatment of Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.”
  • Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service “On-the- Spot Award” for service on the National Cancer Institute’s Data Safety Monitoring Panel
  • D.H. Cowan Award, Excellence in Clinical Teaching, University of Toronto