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Keyue Ding, PhD

Canadian Cancer Trials Group Senior Biostatistician

Dr. Ding received his PhD in Statistics in 1999 from the University of Alberta, and subsequently did postdoctoral training in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Rochester. He joined the Canadian Cancer Trials Group and Department of Community Health & Epidemiology at Queen's in 2001. As a Senior Biostatistician at Canadian Cancer Trials Group, his primary responsibilities are the design and analysis of the cancer clinical trials conducted by the Group. Dr. Ding is also interested in sequential analysis, statistical quality control procedures, and, statistical computing.

Areas of expertise:

Statistical methods in design and analysis of clinical trials; Discovery and validation of prognostic and predictive Biomarkers, High-throughput data analysis: health economic analysis along the cancer clinical trials; survival analysis; sequential analysis; and statistical computing.

Research interests: Lung and Genito-urinary statistics, symtoms control and brain cancer disease sities, and the correlative sciences committee in Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG). Keyue also has a long-standing interest in innovative statistical methods in design and analysis of clinical trials, in validation and discovery of prognostic and predictive Biomarkers, in high-throughput data analysis, health economic analysis along the cancer clinical trials; survival analysis; sequential analysis; and statistical computing.

Current trials:

Lung cancer trials: BR31, BR34 and BR36.

Genito-urinary Trials: BL13; PR19, PR20 and PR21.

Symptoms control Trials: SC24, and SC26.

Brain Cancer Trial: CE7.

Select Publications:

  1. Keyue Ding and Chris O’Callaghan: Chaper 8: Non-inferiority Trial in Textbook of Clinical Trials in Oncology”. Editors: Halabi, Susan, editor. | Michiels, Stefan. 2019.
  2. Raman S, Ding K, Chow E, Meyer RM, van der Linden YM, Roos D, Hartsell WF, Hoskin P, Wu JSY, Nabid A, Haas R, Wiggenraad R, Babington S, Demas WF, Wilson CF, Wong RKS, Zhu L, Brundage M. Minimal clinically important differences in the EORTC QLQ-C30 and brief pain inventory in patients undergoing re-irradiation for painful bone metastases. Quality of Life Research (2018) 27:1089–109
  3. Siddhartha Devarakonda, Federico Rotolo, Ming-Sound Tsao, Irena Lanc, Elisabeth Brambilla,Ashiq Masood, Ken Olaussen, Robert Fulton, Shingo Sakashita, Anne MC Leer Florin, Keyue Ding, Gwénaël Le Teuff, Frances A. Shepherd, Jean-Pierre Pignon, Stephen Graziano, Robert Kratzke, Jean-Charles Soria, Lesley Seymour, Ramaswamy Govindan, Stefan Michiels: Tumor mutation burden as a biomarker in resected non-small cell lung cancer. J Clin Oncol 36 :2995-3006. 2018.
  4. Furfari A, Wan BA, Ding K, Wong A, Zhu L, Bezjak A, Wong R, Wilson CF, DeAngelis C, Azad A, Chow E, Charames GS. Genetic biomarkers associated with pain flare and dexamethasone response following palliative radiotherapy in patients with painful bone metastases. Ann Palliat Med 2017; 6(Suppl 2):S240-S247.
  5. A Zer, K Ding, SM Lee, G Goss, L Seymour, PM Ellis, P Bradbury, C O’Callaghan, MS Tsao, FA Shepherd: Pooled analysis of the prognostic and predictive value of KRAS mutation status and mutation subtype in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Journal of Thoracic Oncology, Vol. 11 No. 3: 312-323, March 2016.

For a full list of publications please visit PubMed.