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Mariam Jafri, B.MedSc, MB.ChB (Hons), Ph.D

Canadian Cancer Trials Group Senior Investigator
She was previously consultant in Medical Oncology at University Hospital Birmingham. She has specific expertise and interest in breast cancer, germ cell tumours, sarcoma and Adolescent and Young Adults with cancer (AYA). She completed oncology specialty training in the West Midlands and Oxford U.K. She completed two research fellowships which culminated in her receiving a Ph.D. in the molecular biology of cancer.  Her specific interests are using genomics to tailor treatment to patients.

Areas of expertise:

  • Genito Urinary
  • Sarcoma
  • Investigational new drugs
  • Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA)

Selected Publications:

Khadembaschi D, Jafri M, Praveen P, Parmar S, Breik O, Does neoadjuvant chemotherapy provide a survival benefit in maxillofacial osteosarcoma: A systematic review and pooled analysis, Oral Oncology, December 2022, 10633

Jafri M, Kristeleit H, Misra V, Baxter M, · Ahmed S, · Jegannathen A., Jain A,· Maskell D, Barthakur U, Edwards G, · Walter H.S., · Walshaw R, · Khan M,· Borley A,· Rea D, Eribulin Treatment for Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer: The UK Experience – A Multicenter Retrospective Study  Oncology: online pre-publication 2022

Zhang P, Brown K, Barnes D, Kitchen-Smith I, Sims D, Flanagan A, De Noon S, van Loo P, Hargreaves S, Cross W, Pillay N. A novel map of human p53 response elements uncovers evidence of selection pressures and variants similar to Li-Fraumeni Syndrome mutations. medRxiv. 2022 Jan 1.

Tyler R, Davies E, Tan D, Hodson J, Taniere P, Thway K, Jafri M et al, Tumour necrosis is significantly associated with reduced recurrence free survival after curative resection of gastrointestinal stromal stromal tumours.  J Surgical Oncology 2020 123(2): 432-438

Almond LM, Gronchi A, Strauss D, Jafri M, et al, Neoadjuvant and adjuvant strategies in retroperitoneal sarcoma.  European J Surgical Oncology 2018 44(5) :571-579

Earl H, et al 6 months versus 12 months of adjuvant trastuzumab for Her2 positive breast cancer (PERSEPHONE):4 year disease free survival results of a randomized phase 3 non-inferiority trial.  Lancet 393; 2599-2612

Chander G, Rea D, Shabaan A, Jafri M,  The use of pertuzumab for breast cancer patients in the neoadjuvant setting presenting to a tertiary referral centre  Clinical Oncology 3, Issue 7, E106-107, July 2019

Jafri M, Rea DW, Cardiac safety of simultaneous anti-Her2 and anthracycline treatment, Breast Cancer Management 2016; 5(1): 21-9

Jafri M, Wake NC, Ascher DB, Pires DE, Gentle D, Morris MR, Rattenberry E, Simpson MA, Trembath RC, Weber A, Woodward ER, Donaldson A, Blundell TL, Latif F, Maher ER Germline Mutations in the CDKN2B tumor suppressor gene predispose to renal cell carcinoma. Cancer Discov 2015 April 14 pii: CD-14-108