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Patient Representative: Bob Taylor

Supports the Safety Monitoring Committee

Resides in Canmore, AB | CCTG Patient Representative since 2015

"As someone who accompanied my wife on her cancer journey over a 15 year period, I was later shocked to learn how uninformed both of us were about the nature of clinical trials, how they might have contributed to her treatment and the important role they play in advancing treatment options, clinical practice and scientific knowledge."

Bob supported both his father and mother during the later stages of their cancer journey, and supported his wife through four major breast cancer events over a period of 15 years. After her eventual death from metastasized breast cancer in 2014, he was instrumental in the publishing of her book “Between the Stars and the Stones”, an adaptation of her thesis in which she relates how walking the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and the pilgrimage with breast cancer inform each other.

Bob's own career as an executive in the energy sector was followed by a stint as Assistant Deputy Minister in the Alberta government and a leading not-for-profit that seeks to engage a broad spectrum of individuals in fact based conversations about future energy options. In addition to supporting the CCTG Breast Cancer Committee he remains an avid international traveler seeking to include hiking and multi-day cycling as part of the itinerary.

"With an aging population, the incidence of cancer is certain to increase and we need new and better treatments which sometime may mean less treatment. We need technologies that can improve cure rates, reduce the negative side effects of treatments all while not bankrupting the health care system. That means we need new technologies – technologies whose efficacy can only be demonstrated through clinical trials."