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Patient Representative: David McMullen

Supporting the CCTG Hematology Committees

Resides in Hamilton, ON | CCTG Patient Representative since 2015

"I meet countless numbers of cancer patients who are greatly concerned about the symptom control, side effects, and quality of life aspects of their disease and treatments. It is my role as a Patient Representative to ensure that needs of patients are heard in the development of clinical trials."

David McMullen was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2012 and encountered numerous complications. As part of his treatment he underwent a stem cell transplant with high-dose chemotherapy in 2012, however he relapsed after just two years. He then had a second successful stem cell transplant in 2016 and continues to take a maintenance novel agent during this second remission.

David believes that patient engagement is increasingly recognized as being important for clinical trials, to ensure outcomes which are important to patients are considered. His advocacy work includes supporting the formation of the Myeloma Canada Ontario Advocacy Committee and participating in numerous national and international conferences as a patient representative.

"CCTG enables access treatments which may not otherwise be available in Canada. Volunteering to be a participant supports having clinical trials in your region and attracts the best cancer research and treatment talent for Canadians. There is the satisfaction of knowing that participating in a clinical trial contributes to increased Canadian and world-wide knowledge of the cancer, its possible treatments, and to treatment advances."