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Wendy R. Parulekar, MD, FRCP(C)

Canadian Cancer Trials Group Senior Investigator

Dr. Wendy Parulekar is a graduate of the University of Ottawa Medical School where she also completed residency training in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology followed by post graduate training in clinical pharmacology at the Odette Cancer Centre. She currently holds a joint clinical/research position at Queen's University Cancer Research Institute and is a member of multiple international scientific advisory committees. Trials in her portfolio have contributed to treatment guidelines in breast, gynaecological and genitourinary malignancies.

Dr. Parulekar is an active member of the international Society of Clinical Trials and served as President in 2015-2016. Other activities include member of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI): International Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Panel, external protocol reviewer for the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer, reviewer for 12 peer reviewed journals, Associate Editor for Clinical Trials, Steering Committee Member for the OICR Biostatistics Training Initiative and consultant to Health Canada.

Areas of expertise:  Clinical Trials, Breast, Head and Neck, Genitourinary, Gynaecology

Research interests: Breast Cancer, Clinical Trial Design and Conduct

Current trials: MA39, BL13, PNC1, PR19, PR20, PR21, PR22, REC3, REC4, ENC1, OV25, OV26, OVC2, HN9, HN10, HNC2

Selected Publications:

  1. Goss P, Ingle J, Pritchard K, Robert N, Muss BH, Gralow J, Gelmon K, Whelan T, Strasserweippl K, Rubin S, Sturtz K, Wolff A, Winer E, Hudis C, Stopeck A, Beck T, Kaur J, Whelan K, Tu D, Parulekar WR.Extending Aromatase Inhibitor Adjuvant Therapy to Ten Years.NEJM 375(3): 209-19, 2016 (Epub Jun 2016)
  2. Gelmon KA, Boyle FM, Kaufman B, Huntsman DG, Manikhas A, Di Leo A, Martin M, Schwartzberg LS, Lemieux J, Aparicio S, Shepherd LE, Dent S, Ellard SL, Tonkin K, Pritchard KI, Whelan TJ, Nomikos D, Nusch A, Coleman RE, Mukai H, Tjulandin S, Khasanov R, Rizel S, Connor AP, Santillana SL, Chapman JAW, Paruleker WR. Lapatinib or trastuzumab plus taxane therapy for HER2 positive advanced breast cancer: the final results of NCIC CTG MA.31 J Clin Oncol 33(14): 1574-83, 2015 (Epub Mar 2016)
  3. P Mason M, Ding K, Kirkbride P, Brundage M, Cowan R, Gospodarowicz M, Sanders K, Kostashuk E, Swanson G, Barber J, Hiltz A, Parmar MK, Sathya J, Anderson J, Hayter C, Hetherington J, Sydes MR, Parulekar WR; NCIC CTG PR.3/MRC UK PR07 investigators. Collaborators (150).  Combined Androgen Deprivation Therapy and Radiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer: A Randomised, Phase 3 Trial. Lancet 378 (9809): 2104-11, 2011 (Epub Nov 2011)
  4. Whelan TJ, Olivotto I, Parulekar WR, Ackerman I, Chua B, Nabid A, Vallis KA, White JR, Rousseau P, Fortin A, Pierce LJ, Manchul L, Chafe S, Nolan MC, Craighead P, Bowen J, McCready DR, Pritchard KI, Gelmon K, Murray Y, Chapman JA, Chen BE, Levine MN for the MA.20 Study Investigators. Regional Nodal Irradiation in Early Stage Breast Cancer, N Engl J Med   373(4): 307-16, 2015
  5. Davis ID, Stocker MR, Begbie S, Chi KN, Chowdhury S, Coskinas X, Frydenberg M, Hague WE, Horvath LG, Joshua AM, Lawrence NJ, McCaffrey MJ, McDermott R, McJannett M, North SA, Parnis F, Parulekar WR, Pook DW, Reaume MN, Sandhu SK, Tan A, Tan TH, Thomson A, Tu E, Vera-Badillo F, Williams SG, Yip S, Zhang AY, Zielinski RR, Sweeney CJ. Enzalutamide with Standard First-Line Therapy in Metastatic Prostate Cancer. NEJM 381: 121-131 (Epub Jun 2019)

For a full list of publications please visit PubMed.